Colonel George Voss

The Hired Gun


Andrephan_Stormcaller_SWJ3.pngA soldier obeys orders. A soldier is loyal to his superiors. A soldier fights for his people.

A career military man, Colonel George Voss dedicated his life to the space marine service of his home world of Eris. Year after year he served honorably; his world, his service, his unit. Year after year he also watch the Galactic Empire gain more and more influence over his world. Year after year he watched the resources of his planet being exploited for the wealth and power of the Empire. Year after year he watched his people become more and more destitute. Year after year he watched Eris’s planetary politics come more and more under the control of the Empire. Year after year he watched his people’s malcontent treated with ever increasing repression and violence. He knew what had to be done.

Col. Voss and a unit of renegades launched an insurgent campaign against the Empire’s presence on his home world. The early victories were more successful than anyone expected. Each month more Empire outposts fell. Everywhere he went his unit received a hero’s welcome. An Eris free of imperial control was on the horizon. Freedom from imperial domination at long last.

Then the counter attack came.

The massive orbital bombardments were meant to show what happens to worlds who don’t appreciate the benevolence and good will of the Galactic Empire. The annihilation of entire cities were meant to show what happens to those who shelter rebels. The public executions of entire bloodlines were meant to show what happens to the families of traitors.

Kal_Skirata.jpgWith his family dead, most of his unit killed, and much of his home world a smoldering ruin there was nothing left to do. He disbanded the remnants of his unit and fled his beloved home world. He now makes his way from system to system, running from the charge of treason, viewing the worlds of the rim through a blur of whiskey haze and thick cigar smoke. Credits aren’t hard to come by for a man with his talents. There are always people with problems and people are willing to pay to make their problems go away.

Will George Voss ever be able to return to his home world? Will he exact his revenge on the Empire? Will he ever forgive himself for the destruction of his world? Will he ever find his lost honor? Will he ever find a purpose again?

We don’t know. What we know is if you have a problem; if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire…

Colonel George Voss

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