The group finalized the terms of their contract with the antiquities dealer, Nils Obdris. They will venture to the planet of Pax’Tharkas where a private firm has recent been excavating Ithorian artifacts. The group will recover items that Nils will be able to resell. Nils agreed upon an up front payment of 250 credits for each person, and a negotiable reward for any artifacts they bring back. In particular, Nils is looking for a small stone orb with symbols etched on its sides.

The journey to Pax’Tharkas was largely uneventful. The team decided to opt for a stealthy approach to the basecamp, and put their ship down some kilometers away. A slightly bumpy landing necessitated some repairs to the still unnamed vessel, so D4-V3 stayed onboard while the trio of Asha, Tharen, and the Colonel moved on to the basecamp.

Their approach was stealthy, but upon closer inspection it became clear that the camp was deserted. Signs of a battle are evident; blaster impacts dot the temporary structures. Much of the equipment is still powered on however, save for the communication array; which is a total loss. Next the group prepares to enter the main tent, and hopefully find some answers.

Exploring Platform 12

The group set out to learn more about who was behind the attack, and why they attacked in the first place. Asha’s attempts to persuade a security office met with less than stellar success, but D4-V3 managed to pull data from the station’s computers indicating the attackers from The Order used a frigate and 2 snub fighters to surprise and overwhelm the security detail.

The foursome then met with Tharen’s contact, Nils Obdris. The proprietor of a small artifacts and antiquities shop, Nils was very concerned about the attack, and offered a small reward for any information about the circumstances of the assault. After a combination of computer slicing and some good, old-fashioned interviews, the group determined that The Order is “under new management” lately, and their attacks have grown more frequent and more brazen.

D4-V3 also uncovered a holovid that seemed to indicate the pirates were targeting artifacts of some type; though the specifics elude the group. It appears this might not have been a simple pirate raid. They were looking for something…

A Pirate Raid!
The first gameplay session

After a brief introduction explaining how the party met and joined up on the space station known as Platform 12, the groups was awoken in the middle of the night by the sounds of blaster fire and explosions. Pirates from a Cartel known as The Order were attacking the station. They fought off a small group of the would-be scoundrels, but not without taking a few solid hits themselves. Poor D4-V3 nearly lost an eye from a well-placed blaster bolt. The session ended with the group taking a few moments to rest and recuperate.

The Characters start to emerge...

Most of the group got together today to start putting characters to paper. We met our scout, a teenage human with a somewhat mysterious past who was raised with the proud Wookiees of Kashyyyk. We were introduced to the harrowing tale of a droid’s creation amidst a fierce pirate crew, and a fateful encounter with a black hole. We learned how that droid fell in with a mercenary – a grizzled gun-for-hire who hailed from a ruin of a planet; a ruin that sadly, he helped to create. Two more characters still wait in the shadows. Their stories are yet to begin…

Concepts and Ideas
The first meeting

A few of us met today to talk about character ideas and concepts for the campaign as a whole. It looks like we’re leaning toward a story that focuses on some of the outer planets with occasional run-ins with the Empire, and perhaps more than a few dealings with the “shadier” denizens of the galaxy…


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