Exploring Platform 12

The group set out to learn more about who was behind the attack, and why they attacked in the first place. Asha’s attempts to persuade a security office met with less than stellar success, but D4-V3 managed to pull data from the station’s computers indicating the attackers from The Order used a frigate and 2 snub fighters to surprise and overwhelm the security detail.

The foursome then met with Tharen’s contact, Nils Obdris. The proprietor of a small artifacts and antiquities shop, Nils was very concerned about the attack, and offered a small reward for any information about the circumstances of the assault. After a combination of computer slicing and some good, old-fashioned interviews, the group determined that The Order is “under new management” lately, and their attacks have grown more frequent and more brazen.

D4-V3 also uncovered a holovid that seemed to indicate the pirates were targeting artifacts of some type; though the specifics elude the group. It appears this might not have been a simple pirate raid. They were looking for something…


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